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Nico Rosberg Retiring? In Shock Right Now

I couldn’t believe what I just read this morning on my news feed!  Conor McGregor is now a licensed boxer in California, Draymond Green at Golden State is still kicking his opponents in the NBA, and…

Nico Rosberg Just Announced His Retirement from Formula 1

effective immediately…

Was his Twitter or Facebook page hacked?  Did anybody see this coming?  Show me that blog post, please.  I imagine Toto Wolff at Mercedes AMG Petronas didn’t even see this coming.  Nothing in Rosberg’s words at the end of the race and his various interviews since winning the 2016 F1 championship led me to believe he would be dropping the mic after winning his first Formula One World Championship.

But that’s exactly why I did not expect Rosberg would want to hang up his racing shoes…it’s his FIRST championship with a very strong, successful organization.  Speculation can now run rampant:  does he see something coming at Mercedes AMG that tells him they may not be as strong with the big rules changes coming for 2017?  Is he not happy being teammates with the ultra-competitive Lewis Hamilton?

Or, is Rosberg now completely satisfied with his career, tired of fighting against Lewis, and ready to settle into being a new husband and father?  I hope it’s the latter and that he rides off into the sunset without looking back.  He has had a stellar F1 career and if this turns out not to be a hoax, then I’m extremely happy for him as he closes a very long but fruitful chapter in his life to now focus on an entirely new journey.

Hamilton’s Aggression – Love It or Hate It?

You gotta love (not sure if I do) a guy who is confident enough to say that he’s not going to help his teammate and NOT be ashamed of it.  Lewis Hamilton is that guy.  Unfortunately, Nico Rosberg is that teammate.  Hamilton has carried a supreme air of success and superiority over Nico this season, undoubtedly related to his championship last year and having #1 status (whether it was implied or not at start of 2015 season) within the team.

There has been much talk about Nico now losing his edge and possibly mental strength when battling head-to-head vs. Lewis, and by the look of it in the heat of on-track battle, it certainly appears so.  I just went back to watch the footage of the battle to Turn 1 at COTA from last week’s USGP and the more I watch it, the clearer it becomes that Lewis never had any intention of letting Nico ever turn in past him.  It goes to show how Hamilton feels about Nico – not relenting to him and following through with the intention of giving no quarter.  Hamilton simply doesn’t care to appease the Mercedes F1 team bosses and probably ready to reject any team orders that would have him finishing behind Nico.

If only Nico had that same mindset…(let’s see what happens this weekend for the Mexico GP)

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F1 – Alonso’s Guns a’Blazin’

imageWhat are they feeding this guy at McLaren? I mean, dang.  I’m not sure if he’s training for the next in Malaysia or the cover of Muscle and Fitness (not sure if that’s even around anymore).

So I know these guys have to be fit to hustle an F1 car around at Mach 5 and pull more G’s than fighter pilots, but come on…

All of this stems from, perhaps, just a tinge of jealousy after seeing Alonso and the Guns of the Navarone on Twitter.   I’m wishing the guy well as he is, I’m sure, chomping at the bit, to get back to racing the McLaren Honda MP4-30 ASAP.

I’m just hoping that his arms still fit in the car if and when he’s cleared to race at Sepang.

What the h%@! is a Spa-Francorchamps?! Looking forward to Friday…

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IndyCar Coming to Circuit of the Americas?

JPM Showing Speed
Juan Pablo Montoya having a great 2014 in IndyCar

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Why Did It Take So Long for Me to Watch Rush???

Looks Like James Hunt, No?
Looks Like James Hunt, No?

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