Lewis Hamilton All-Time Pole Position Leader in F1

Lewis Hamilton is now the all-time leader in poles in F1.  He has now surpassed the great Michael Schumacher for most pole positions as he qualified first for the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

Hamilton was strong throughout all three sessions but came to the fore at the final moment of Q3 as he had to overcome an amazing lap from Max Verstappen to achieve the record breaking pole.  The crowd at Monza gave a hefty cheer as Lewis crossed the line and for a crowd pressing for a Ferrari to take pole, the Tifosi were instead treated to witnessing history being made by Hamilton.

Who will win the Italian GP tomorrow?  Wet or dry, it’s going to be tough to beat Mercedes AMG F1 and Lewis Hamilton.  Please vote below and share.  #Forza F1


2017 Italian GP Update – F1

Q3 Starting now 5:25 PM Local

— Force India and McLaren out of the garage first for Q3 as Hamilton looks to solidify his strong performance at the end of Q2.

Italian GP Qualifying Updates – F1

— 5:07 PM Local – Monza

Vettel has gone fastest with just over nine minutes to go in Q2 at Monza, with Verstappen just behind at 0.272.


F1 Italian GP Next

Vettel going for Monza glory in front of the Tifosi.  Do you think he’s got it this weekend?  Share/Retweet if you think @f1_vettel and @scuderiaferrari will take the top step.

Who’s Taking Monza This Weekend? Vote Here

Who do you have winning this weekend?  McLaren, anyone?

Nico Rosberg Retiring? In Shock Right Now

I couldn’t believe what I just read this morning on my news feed!  Conor McGregor is now a licensed boxer in California, Draymond Green at Golden State is still kicking his opponents in the NBA, and…

Nico Rosberg Just Announced His Retirement from Formula 1

effective immediately…

Was his Twitter or Facebook page hacked?  Did anybody see this coming?  Show me that blog post, please.  I imagine Toto Wolff at Mercedes AMG Petronas didn’t even see this coming.  Nothing in Rosberg’s words at the end of the race and his various interviews since winning the 2016 F1 championship led me to believe he would be dropping the mic after winning his first Formula One World Championship.

But that’s exactly why I did not expect Rosberg would want to hang up his racing shoes…it’s his FIRST championship with a very strong, successful organization.  Speculation can now run rampant:  does he see something coming at Mercedes AMG that tells him they may not be as strong with the big rules changes coming for 2017?  Is he not happy being teammates with the ultra-competitive Lewis Hamilton?

Or, is Rosberg now completely satisfied with his career, tired of fighting against Lewis, and ready to settle into being a new husband and father?  I hope it’s the latter and that he rides off into the sunset without looking back.  He has had a stellar F1 career and if this turns out not to be a hoax, then I’m extremely happy for him as he closes a very long but fruitful chapter in his life to now focus on an entirely new journey.

Bernie’s 38 Year-Old Wife’s Mom Kidnapped???

Bernie Interviewed

What a strange headline to read today coming from an already turbulent part of the world.  As crime issues continue in Rio de Janeiro with the Summer Olympic Games nearing, signs around the densely-populated city speak of unsafe conditions for visitors at a time when Rio is hanging on to hope of being a great host city.

And now the new story coming out of Brazil is that wife of Bernie Ecclestone, F1 supremo and head of Formula One Management, has been informed her mom’s been kidnapped and held for ransom.  What’s going on down there in Brazil, anyway?  Supposedly Fabiana Flosi’s mother, Aparecida Schunk, was kidnapped this past Friday and a $36.5 million dollar ransom is demanded from her captors.

OK, so $36.5 million in ransom?  What’s the extra half million dollars in ransom for anyway?  And what’s really going to happen to Schunck ahead of the Olympic Games?  This must be a super-tense time in Brazil and surely international security forces are converging on this city to make preparations for the arrival of the world’s athletes to the world’s biggest competition stage.  Could this be to Ms. Schunck’s advantage and hasten the capture of her captor(s)?

Also, Bernie Ecclestone, a man filled with brazen quotes about motor racing, a “woman’s place” in motorsport, and generally a headline-inventing machine of a human being, has not yet commented publicly.

Here’s hoping that the next time we hear from him he has good news to tell.