IndyCar Coming to Circuit of the Americas?

JPM Showing Speed
Juan Pablo Montoya having a great 2014 in IndyCar

The USGPAustin site is all about racing, especially open-wheel racing.  It doesn’t have to only be about F1, although it’s my favorite form.  I’ve enjoyed many racing venues here in the U.S., and long to head to Europe to experience many more.  That being said, Continue reading “IndyCar Coming to Circuit of the Americas?”


A Ferrari That Made Me Think (and Thank)

This masterpiece made me thankful for Ferrari
This masterpiece made me thankful for Ferrari and its history

I was reading email and checking CNN news and saw a quick story about the World’s Most Valuable Car being sold and saw the gorgeous, wonderfully familiar Ferrari-red hue.  At first, I wasn’t surprised, but then it made me think…

“It’s always a Ferrari!”

Ferrari is always right there when there is a discussion on iconic cars, fast cars, beautiful cars, and RACE cars.  As a lover of all things automobile Continue reading “A Ferrari That Made Me Think (and Thank)”

Good Night Austin

Final night of construction
Can’t wait to see F1 cars on the grid again in Austin!

Thank you for all of the feedback and visits to the USGPAustin blog, on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.  I enjoy posting all I can for you about Austin (ATX) lifestyle, news, and of course, F1.  Talk to you all tomorrow!

More Fight in the Williams Martini Dog at Spa

Who’s Going to Get More Fight out of the FW36 (at Spa)?

from images search -
Both Williams Set to Run Fast at Spa-Francorchamps

This is what I’m wondering while sitting in the Texas heat reading about the aspirations of Williams Martini Racing for the upcoming Belgian Grand Prix.  Williams looks hungry, VERY hungry  Continue reading “More Fight in the Williams Martini Dog at Spa”

Happy Birthday Fernando!

You’ve come a long way, from watching you start with Minardi to challenging and defeating Michael Schumacher at what may be argued the peak of Schumi’s career.  And now, being the top dog now in Michael’s former team.
Continue reading “Happy Birthday Fernando!”

Speed Saturday

Courtesy of F1 feed and SkySports

Hamilton’s Forgettable Day in Hungary

Lewis sure has had a lot of luck this season. The problem is most of it has been the bad kind. The kind that has got to have him truly wondering if he has any shot left at staying in the hunt for the World Championship. Continue reading “Speed Saturday”

Benching Kimi

The Buxton Blog

The remains of Raikkonen's F14T James Moy Photography The remains of Raikkonen’s F14T
James Moy Photography

Regardless of the condition of his ankle, I do not believe that Kimi Raikkonen should be on the grid for the German Grand Prix in two weeks time. The first lap incident which brought out the red flags in yesterday’s British Grand Prix was born of such staggering racing negligence, that I am truly of the opinion that the 2007 Formula 1 World Champion should be left at home to contemplate what could have been a far worse accident, resulting in far greater injuries than the bruised ankle he suffered.

Here are the facts. In the midst of a first lap battle, Kimi Raikkonen ran wide at Aintree corner. Using the vast asphalt run off, he kept his right foot planted so as not to lose too many positions. Maintaining racing speed, he drove back onto the track and into the pack…

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