Lochte Loses a Million Bucks


What happens when you travel to another country, falsely accuse its citizens of armed robbery, and then lie about it publicly on every media outlet possible?  If you’re Ryan Lochte, your deep-pocketed sponsors rip up the checks and stop paying you.


And if you’re Lochte, that ends up taking one day to lose about $1 million bucks.  So sad that he let it come to this, and what’s crazier is that stories are out that his fabrications started with his lying to his mom about the incident.  When you read this article, courtesy of http://cbsprt.co/2bxC3iE, Australian journalists who happened to be on the same shuttle leaving the competition in Rio helped Lochte’s mom onboard.  Although they didn’t know it was Lochte’s mom initially, she mentioned to them that her ‘athelte’ son with blonde, blue, green hair had been robbed at gunpoint, to which the journos asked to confirm if her son was Lochte.

Her answer was yes, and the #LochMess started with a ‘breaking news’ tweet from those same Australian journos.

Point of the story: lying to your mom could cost you one MILLION dollars!



Smell Like a Chicken…YES!


Randomness for your Monday, courtesy of http://bit.ly/2bKigcZ…

Did you see the latest craziness coming from KFC?  How badly are they trying to get us to buy their chicken, and WHY would anybody want to smell like fried chicken all over their body?

But you may want to consider going ahead and slathering this all over your body, because at least it serves as sunblock.  But before you do, consider that according to the article, the smell is less fried chicken and more like a baby’s diaper or even urine.

Mmmmmmm, gonna order mine now!

Happy Monday,


Bernie’s 38 Year-Old Wife’s Mom Kidnapped???

Bernie Interviewed

What a strange headline to read today coming from an already turbulent part of the world.  As crime issues continue in Rio de Janeiro with the Summer Olympic Games nearing, signs around the densely-populated city speak of unsafe conditions for visitors at a time when Rio is hanging on to hope of being a great host city.

And now the new story coming out of Brazil is that wife of Bernie Ecclestone, F1 supremo and head of Formula One Management, has been informed her mom’s been kidnapped and held for ransom.  What’s going on down there in Brazil, anyway?  Supposedly Fabiana Flosi’s mother, Aparecida Schunk, was kidnapped this past Friday and a $36.5 million dollar ransom is demanded from her captors.

OK, so $36.5 million in ransom?  What’s the extra half million dollars in ransom for anyway?  And what’s really going to happen to Schunck ahead of the Olympic Games?  This must be a super-tense time in Brazil and surely international security forces are converging on this city to make preparations for the arrival of the world’s athletes to the world’s biggest competition stage.  Could this be to Ms. Schunck’s advantage and hasten the capture of her captor(s)?

Also, Bernie Ecclestone, a man filled with brazen quotes about motor racing, a “woman’s place” in motorsport, and generally a headline-inventing machine of a human being, has not yet commented publicly.

Here’s hoping that the next time we hear from him he has good news to tell.

Terrifying Video of the Power of Lightning

This is just an absolutely insane and scary video of just how deadly lightning can be.  Take a look at this video out of Chicago and think about your parents always telling you to never hide under a tree in a storm.

Yeah, that’s really good advice right about now…

Believing in Himself – Derrick Hamilton is a Free Man


Hamilton freed

images retrieved from open web search “Derrick Hamilton wrongly convicted”

Thanks to http://ow.ly/Qjh5301iPB0 for the powerful read on Derrick Hamilton.  My comments follow…

It is amazing, and sad, how the greatest country in the world, these United States, could possess a legal system so backwards as to allow free men and women to go to jail and prison for crimes they have not committed.

To say that it only happens in rare cases is as far from the truth as New York is to California – far, far away.

I feel very lucky to have read about Derrick Hamilton today.  But I’m also angered at the fact that it’s been nearly 5 years since Hamilton won (painfully earned) his freedom – why am I only hearing about this man and his wrongful convictions now?

Hamilton became a self-educated student of the US legal system while serving time in various prisons throughout the country.  Often times, this man, known to be a fantastic student in his elementary school days, served time in solitary confinement alone and away from the already cruel world of maximum security penitentiary life.  But to read that he was put there by police detectives who “didn’t care if he did it (murder for which Hamilton plead not innocent)” is horrifying.

As I read about Hamilton spending countless years in prison and solitary confinement, knowing that this story was about him being wrongly accused and convicted, I asked myself:

Why do we allow false confessions to stand in court?

Why do we not believe in the innocent?

How can we expose corrupt police officers and lawyers/judges?

Hamilton’s story is powerful he finally emerges victorious against multiple murder convictions for which he was eventually proven innocent.  But what is sickening is that he met other men with whom he served that were also sent off to prison for murders they, too, did not commit.  All this done by the work of crooked cops, namely Louis Scarcella, in particular, who used threats and intimidation tactics to coerce witnesses to lie in their cases, as well as Hamilton’s.  How can you withstand the heavy burden that the state leverages against you when they are dead set on an agenda to convict the innocent?

In my humble opinion, Derrick Hamilton is a hero to be celebrated for leveraging his own agenda against the state to win back the freedom that our justice system stole from him beginning at the age of 17.  He never gave up, and instead, became a powerful pro-se litigator after learning “jailhouse law” while incarcerated.  Hamilton helped expose the corrupt detective whose testimony had wrongfully put him in prison, as well as many others who had fatefully crossed paths with that dirty cop.

It is worth mentioning that Hamilton was aided by the Conviction Integrity Unit, a project created in 2011 by a Brooklyn, New York District Attorney that re-investigated the work done by police in conviction cases.  Louis Scarcella, whose name I get sick typing, had at least 71 investigations reviewed in search of his misconduct, including many cases in which he used the same witness to solidify his investigations.

Who was the witness?  A prostitute who also had an affinity for dependence on crack cocaine and could be manipulated by Scarcella, as he did with many other witnesses.

To end, I have to ask myself, “What would I do if I was arrested, tried, and convicted for murders (plural) I did not commit and sent to rot in solitary confinement like Derrick Hamilton?”  The truth is that I’m not exactly sure if I’d have the will and strength of Hamilton to endure.

Would you?

Why Did It Take So Long for Me to Watch Rush???

Looks Like James Hunt, No?
Looks Like James Hunt, No?

Ok, so I lose significant F1 fan points for not watching this movie sooner, and I will never let that happen again. Ron Howard’s epic take on the 1976 Formula One season gave me a reason to be older than I already am, as I was not yet born when this rivalry began between Continue reading “Why Did It Take So Long for Me to Watch Rush???”