Holly Holm’s Loss – What’s Next?

Jackson Wink MMA took another crushing blow with Holly Holm’s loss at UFC on Fox in Chicago this past weekend.  Valentina Shevchenko bounced up from a first round knockdown by Holm, who connected on a ferociously fast left-right-left of punches that never really surfaced again for the duration of the fight.

Video link for highlight courtesy of YouTube

The ever-humble Holly stated that it was her own performance, and not her training, that led to the unanimous 49-46 four-rounds-to-one decision that Shevchenko truly earned on Saturday night.

Opinion:  Holm was tentative after letting her hands fly in that first round and was easy for Shevchenko to figure out for the remaining 4 rounds.  Holly does not seem to show the same rage in the ring that, say, Amanda Nunes shows, but has all the skills and conditioning to unleash hell on whatever opponent she comes up against.

See Holly Holm v. Ronda Rousey for more on that…

Regardless of what anybody thinks of Lenny Fresquez, Holm’s manager, if Holly is truly the one making decisions as to who she fights, then she needs to believe that she can come out and bomb on whomever she comes up against.  Why not ask to be lined up with Rousey/Tate for the big money rematches there.  She can also be “Humble Holly” and take whatever fight the UFC throws at here, regardless of money.  Either way, she has TO WIN that next fight if she stays within the top 10 of WMMA bantamweight division.

Always a fan of Holly and hoping that she takes her own advice and makes the mental adjustments that get her psyche in line with her amazing skills and fitness.




Jon “Bones” Jones Live Now

UFC 200 Press Conference is DONE…time to fight

UFC 200

The T-Mobile arena will be filled on Saturday July 9th with tens of thousands of MMA fans that are going to see 5 championship fights and belts on the line.  As usual, Jon “Bones” Jones and Daniel Cormier were at it, but in a more subdued manner of trash talking than normal.

Brock Lesnar is back after a 5+ years absence and had probably the funniest moment of the presser, as crowd favorite interviewer Ariel Helwani asked Lesnar how many rounds he had trained in preparation to fight Mark Hunt.  Lesnar just laughed and shook his head for 30 seconds and then grabbed his mike, “What did you say?”  Helwani never misses a beat and just laughed when Lesnar responded with his “3,000 rounds” quip.

Miesha Tate is looking confident and prepared to take on Amanda Nunes who is always ready to talk to the talk and now will have to walk the walk.  Miesha informed the world that she breaks fighters while chiming in that Nunes “breaks in fights,” which Nunes did not take too kindly.  Nunes told us all that we’ll see on Saturday who breaks.

More to come as Frankie Alvarez and Jose Aldo also square off, among the other great fights on the card.  UFC press conferences always have great quotes and huge personalities and today was no different.  Can’t wait to see how much bigger Saturday night is than any other UFC card in history.

UFC 199 Press Conference – Spitting Fire at the Forum


Whew!  I thought punches would be thrown today at the UFC 199 press conference at the Forum in Los Angeles.  The impromptu presser delivered some fantastic quotes and highlights and would have sounded like a New York City traffic jam if the cursing would have been bleeped out.

Michael Bisping tried to show respect, at times, to Luke Rockhold, but the fury of each fighter came out with the usual trash talk and how each fighter was going to take the other out.  Usual press conference fare.

To me, however, the best part was watching Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz spew fire and venom at each other with massive insults that got very personal.  So now we all know that Cruz can’t stand Faber’s “close little eyes,” referring to Faber’s eyes being a little closer to his nose than the average human being (!), maybe…

Nevertheless, Saturday’s co-main event may be the bigger fight in terms of overall angst, fighter skill, and a complete lack of respect that each fighter has for the other.  That’s all IMO…humble opinion.

Anyhow, visit http://bit.ly/24ll1Uj for the press conference video and if you haven’t yet bought the PPV, you may want to reconsider…

BJ Penn Stronger with Greg Jackson

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Is there a guy who’s used the “F” word more in a comeback speech than BJ Penn?

I wish you could put Greg Jackson on the phone to blow my own horn and say, ‘hey, this m-f#*ker, he’s on it. He’s doing some good stuff.’ But we’ll have to let it play out.

— BJ Penn discussing his comeback with Greg Jackson in his corner

Penn’s been through a lot over the last couple years since he called it quits back in 2014 – allegations of sexual assault, doubters believing he can still make it in the UFC, and finding his way back onto a card and getting back in the Octagon.  But one thing he’s not lacking is confidence – believing this is the perfect time for a comeback in a UFC that has partnered with the USADA for stricter drug testing and no IV’s for fighters trying to make weight for fights.

Just had to chime on this one as Penn throws it out there for everyone in the UFC to hear clearly:

F#*!…I haven’t won a fight since 2010? Is that f-ing true? Man, I’ve got to get on the f-ing horse.

Let’s get it on!

-nod to MMAFighting.com and the fantastic The MMA Hour for Penn’s recent visit and interview

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Are You Team Rousey? Be Careful Who You Congratulate

Rousey - Holm

Amazing story from Shaun Al-Shatti at MMAFighting.com about Ronda lighting Paige VanZant up at a sponsor event.  Must have been VanZant saying something terrible directly to Ronda, right?


The story came from Miesha Tates’s recent visit to The Joe Rogan Experience and according to Tate, “[Ronda] was like, ‘you congratulated Holly Holm for beating me, so f*ck you, you f*cking fair-weather 115-pound…’,” and on and on.  Ronda continued to berate VanZant for having congratulated Holly for her victory over Ronda, which was something that obviously pissed off Rousey to the point of F-Bombs in the presence of one of the UFC’s major sponsors.

Sounds like VanZant had wanted to get a photo with Rousey, at which point, the sponsor’s representatives said something to the effect of ‘umm, not a good idea.’  For what it’s worth, I respect VanZant for responding to Rousey’s anger (as told by Miesha Tate): “‘I’m allowed to congratulate whoever I want.   I congratulated Rose Namajunas when she beat me. I was like, you know, you whooped my ass. That was a badass performance. I just simply told Holly congratulations once. It wasn’t anything anti-Ronda.'”

I’ve respected Ronda in the ring for the amazing performances she’s given to the MMA world.  But as a relative newcomer to the sport, I see that Ronda is a mixed bag of amazing fighting skill and personal dramas that, when mixed together, erupt pretty violently.  Finally, I hope that Rousey gets her professional/MMA life back on track, as she is young and obviously has great potential.  As to her personal life, I don’t know much about it, but I do hope that she chooses to fight inside the ring rather than media and sponsor engagements.

UFC and MMA – One Crazy Week…


…and it isn’t finished yet.

I know it can’t just be me, but MAN – what a week in the UFC and MMA, right?  Unbelievable to think that we’re already past UFC 197 and we had a win by Jon “Bones” Jones in which he was booed.  Yeah, he was booed.  Here’s what has happened, so far, and the week isn’t over…

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