Lewis Hamilton All-Time Pole Position Leader in F1

Lewis Hamilton is now the all-time leader in poles in F1.  He has now surpassed the great Michael Schumacher for most pole positions as he qualified first for the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

Hamilton was strong throughout all three sessions but came to the fore at the final moment of Q3 as he had to overcome an amazing lap from Max Verstappen to achieve the record breaking pole.  The crowd at Monza gave a hefty cheer as Lewis crossed the line and for a crowd pressing for a Ferrari to take pole, the Tifosi were instead treated to witnessing history being made by Hamilton.

Who will win the Italian GP tomorrow?  Wet or dry, it’s going to be tough to beat Mercedes AMG F1 and Lewis Hamilton.  Please vote below and share.  #Forza F1


2017 Italian GP Update – F1

Q3 Starting now 5:25 PM Local

— Force India and McLaren out of the garage first for Q3 as Hamilton looks to solidify his strong performance at the end of Q2.

Italian GP Qualifying Updates – F1

— 5:07 PM Local – Monza

Vettel has gone fastest with just over nine minutes to go in Q2 at Monza, with Verstappen just behind at 0.272.


F1 Italian GP Next

Vettel going for Monza glory in front of the Tifosi.  Do you think he’s got it this weekend?  Share/Retweet if you think @f1_vettel and @scuderiaferrari will take the top step.

A Ferrari That Made Me Think (and Thank)

This masterpiece made me thankful for Ferrari
This masterpiece made me thankful for Ferrari and its history

I was reading email and checking CNN news and saw a quick story about the World’s Most Valuable Car being sold and saw the gorgeous, wonderfully familiar Ferrari-red hue.  At first, I wasn’t surprised, but then it made me think…

“It’s always a Ferrari!”

Ferrari is always right there when there is a discussion on iconic cars, fast cars, beautiful cars, and RACE cars.  As a lover of all things automobile Continue reading “A Ferrari That Made Me Think (and Thank)”