Lochte Loses a Million Bucks


What happens when you travel to another country, falsely accuse its citizens of armed robbery, and then lie about it publicly on every media outlet possible?  If you’re Ryan Lochte, your deep-pocketed sponsors rip up the checks and stop paying you.


And if you’re Lochte, that ends up taking one day to lose about $1 million bucks.  So sad that he let it come to this, and what’s crazier is that stories are out that his fabrications started with his lying to his mom about the incident.  When you read this article, courtesy of http://cbsprt.co/2bxC3iE, Australian journalists who happened to be on the same shuttle leaving the competition in Rio helped Lochte’s mom onboard.  Although they didn’t know it was Lochte’s mom initially, she mentioned to them that her ‘athelte’ son with blonde, blue, green hair had been robbed at gunpoint, to which the journos asked to confirm if her son was Lochte.

Her answer was yes, and the #LochMess started with a ‘breaking news’ tweet from those same Australian journos.

Point of the story: lying to your mom could cost you one MILLION dollars!



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