Lewis Hamilton’s Momentum and Curb Sensors – F1

Hamilton Hungary

Lewis Hamilton continues his upward climb against Nico Rosberg in the World Championship yesterday at the GP of Hungary.  He’s got the lead now and wrestling it away from him is going to be a tough task.

Hamilton got the lead at the beginning of the race and was much too dominant to let Rosberg back into the picture.  He trailed by 1 point going into the weekend and now leads by 6 against a struggling Nico.

Good ole’ Fernando Alonso hindered Hamilton in Saturday’s Q3 qualifying session after the Spaniard spun while just ahead of Hamilton as the checkers flew on the session.  Meanwhile, Nico took full advantage of his last qualifying run to edge ahead of Hamilton for P1, only to lose it at turn 1 on Sunday.

Who can stop Hamilton right now beside Nico?  Not sure, as Lewis is driving with tons of confidence and Nico hasn’t really had his measure lately.  Nevertheless, Nico has had a great season so far and if he can dig deep in qualifying runs, he may just be able to keep the rest of this season tight for the top spot in the Mercedes intra-team battle.


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