Holly Holm’s Loss – What’s Next?

Jackson Wink MMA took another crushing blow with Holly Holm’s loss at UFC on Fox in Chicago this past weekend.  Valentina Shevchenko bounced up from a first round knockdown by Holm, who connected on a ferociously fast left-right-left of punches that never really surfaced again for the duration of the fight.

Video link for highlight courtesy of YouTube

The ever-humble Holly stated that it was her own performance, and not her training, that led to the unanimous 49-46 four-rounds-to-one decision that Shevchenko truly earned on Saturday night.

Opinion:  Holm was tentative after letting her hands fly in that first round and was easy for Shevchenko to figure out for the remaining 4 rounds.  Holly does not seem to show the same rage in the ring that, say, Amanda Nunes shows, but has all the skills and conditioning to unleash hell on whatever opponent she comes up against.

See Holly Holm v. Ronda Rousey for more on that…

Regardless of what anybody thinks of Lenny Fresquez, Holm’s manager, if Holly is truly the one making decisions as to who she fights, then she needs to believe that she can come out and bomb on whomever she comes up against.  Why not ask to be lined up with Rousey/Tate for the big money rematches there.  She can also be “Humble Holly” and take whatever fight the UFC throws at here, regardless of money.  Either way, she has TO WIN that next fight if she stays within the top 10 of WMMA bantamweight division.

Always a fan of Holly and hoping that she takes her own advice and makes the mental adjustments that get her psyche in line with her amazing skills and fitness.




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