UFC 200 Press Conference is DONE…time to fight

UFC 200

The T-Mobile arena will be filled on Saturday July 9th with tens of thousands of MMA fans that are going to see 5 championship fights and belts on the line.  As usual, Jon “Bones” Jones and Daniel Cormier were at it, but in a more subdued manner of trash talking than normal.

Brock Lesnar is back after a 5+ years absence and had probably the funniest moment of the presser, as crowd favorite interviewer Ariel Helwani asked Lesnar how many rounds he had trained in preparation to fight Mark Hunt.  Lesnar just laughed and shook his head for 30 seconds and then grabbed his mike, “What did you say?”  Helwani never misses a beat and just laughed when Lesnar responded with his “3,000 rounds” quip.

Miesha Tate is looking confident and prepared to take on Amanda Nunes who is always ready to talk to the talk and now will have to walk the walk.  Miesha informed the world that she breaks fighters while chiming in that Nunes “breaks in fights,” which Nunes did not take too kindly.  Nunes told us all that we’ll see on Saturday who breaks.

More to come as Frankie Alvarez and Jose Aldo also square off, among the other great fights on the card.  UFC press conferences always have great quotes and huge personalities and today was no different.  Can’t wait to see how much bigger Saturday night is than any other UFC card in history.


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