UFC 199 Press Conference – Spitting Fire at the Forum


Whew!  I thought punches would be thrown today at the UFC 199 press conference at the Forum in Los Angeles.  The impromptu presser delivered some fantastic quotes and highlights and would have sounded like a New York City traffic jam if the cursing would have been bleeped out.

Michael Bisping tried to show respect, at times, to Luke Rockhold, but the fury of each fighter came out with the usual trash talk and how each fighter was going to take the other out.  Usual press conference fare.

To me, however, the best part was watching Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz spew fire and venom at each other with massive insults that got very personal.  So now we all know that Cruz can’t stand Faber’s “close little eyes,” referring to Faber’s eyes being a little closer to his nose than the average human being (!), maybe…

Nevertheless, Saturday’s co-main event may be the bigger fight in terms of overall angst, fighter skill, and a complete lack of respect that each fighter has for the other.  That’s all IMO…humble opinion.

Anyhow, visit http://bit.ly/24ll1Uj for the press conference video and if you haven’t yet bought the PPV, you may want to reconsider…


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