Rossi Gets Extra Sponsorship Boost

Rossi Wins the 500Alexander Rossi shocked the IndyCar world with his surprise victory at the Indy 500 last Sunday, and it was a dream drive with NAPA sponsorship onboard.  But NAPA may be the big winner with a low-priced sponsorship package that is paying them back in a huge way since Rossi’s amazing win.

Having your company’s name seen on a winning race entry is one thing, but to have it be the winning ride on the 100th Indy 500 is something entirely different.  Sponsorship dollars in any racing league are lifeblood to teams and drivers, and Rossi has a life extension now from NAPA as their easily-recognizable yellow and blue colors will be seen for the doubleheader in Detroit at Belle Isle.

This is another win for NAPA, as theweekend is a two-race weekend for IndyCar and Rossi is great at learning new tracks (his days in Formula 1 being a big help, no doubt).

Although I’m sad to not see Rossi representing as a US driver in F1, I’m extremely excited to see if he and Andretti Autosport can continue to climb up from 6th in the IndyCar standings during this ever-important weekend for driver and team.

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