Safety vs Heritage in F1









The Red Bull aero screen test – I’m not sure where to stand on this.  I think of Jules Bianchi and his loss in motorsport was so tragic.  His crash still haunts me but I truly don’t think an aero screen or halo would have saved his life in Japan that terrible day.

Justin Wilson’s case could have possibly been different with something like a halo having been in place to protect him from the debris that ended his life in his open wheel cockpit.  Nevertheless, safety is obviously so crucial in sports.  But when you consider the tradition that open wheel has had for no windows or bodywork – just a driver and the machine he or she is surrounded by – and the evolution that has gone on for so long without enclosing the cockpit, my heart tells me that the driver’s home in that car should not have a roof, or even a window.

Just my thoughts after having read more about aero screens and halos, Red Bull testing with this safety device, and the road that open wheel machines could take when you consider both safety and heritage.

Is there a right answer?


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