BJ Penn Stronger with Greg Jackson

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Is there a guy who’s used the “F” word more in a comeback speech than BJ Penn?

I wish you could put Greg Jackson on the phone to blow my own horn and say, ‘hey, this m-f#*ker, he’s on it. He’s doing some good stuff.’ But we’ll have to let it play out.

— BJ Penn discussing his comeback with Greg Jackson in his corner

Penn’s been through a lot over the last couple years since he called it quits back in 2014 – allegations of sexual assault, doubters believing he can still make it in the UFC, and finding his way back onto a card and getting back in the Octagon.  But one thing he’s not lacking is confidence – believing this is the perfect time for a comeback in a UFC that has partnered with the USADA for stricter drug testing and no IV’s for fighters trying to make weight for fights.

Just had to chime on this one as Penn throws it out there for everyone in the UFC to hear clearly:

F#*!…I haven’t won a fight since 2010? Is that f-ing true? Man, I’ve got to get on the f-ing horse.

Let’s get it on!

-nod to and the fantastic The MMA Hour for Penn’s recent visit and interview

-all images sourced from open web search and no ownership rights claimed here


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