Are You Team Rousey? Be Careful Who You Congratulate

Rousey - Holm

Amazing story from Shaun Al-Shatti at about Ronda lighting Paige VanZant up at a sponsor event.  Must have been VanZant saying something terrible directly to Ronda, right?


The story came from Miesha Tates’s recent visit to The Joe Rogan Experience and according to Tate, “[Ronda] was like, ‘you congratulated Holly Holm for beating me, so f*ck you, you f*cking fair-weather 115-pound…’,” and on and on.  Ronda continued to berate VanZant for having congratulated Holly for her victory over Ronda, which was something that obviously pissed off Rousey to the point of F-Bombs in the presence of one of the UFC’s major sponsors.

Sounds like VanZant had wanted to get a photo with Rousey, at which point, the sponsor’s representatives said something to the effect of ‘umm, not a good idea.’  For what it’s worth, I respect VanZant for responding to Rousey’s anger (as told by Miesha Tate): “‘I’m allowed to congratulate whoever I want.   I congratulated Rose Namajunas when she beat me. I was like, you know, you whooped my ass. That was a badass performance. I just simply told Holly congratulations once. It wasn’t anything anti-Ronda.'”

I’ve respected Ronda in the ring for the amazing performances she’s given to the MMA world.  But as a relative newcomer to the sport, I see that Ronda is a mixed bag of amazing fighting skill and personal dramas that, when mixed together, erupt pretty violently.  Finally, I hope that Rousey gets her professional/MMA life back on track, as she is young and obviously has great potential.  As to her personal life, I don’t know much about it, but I do hope that she chooses to fight inside the ring rather than media and sponsor engagements.


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