UFC and MMA – One Crazy Week…


…and it isn’t finished yet.

I know it can’t just be me, but MAN – what a week in the UFC and MMA, right?  Unbelievable to think that we’re already past UFC 197 and we had a win by Jon “Bones” Jones in which he was booed.  Yeah, he was booed.  Here’s what has happened, so far, and the week isn’t over…

First,  Bones Jones has been taking flack this week, most of it from Daniel Cormier (and some crazy fans during Wednesday’s UFC 200 presser).  He was back for his first fight in nearly 15 months away from the UFC and had lot of rust to shake off against a quality opponent in Ovince St. Preux.  Nevertheless, getting booed for a win after this much rust came off would make a great motivating factor for Jones to come in at UFC 200 and show extremely well vs. DC.

Next,  Conor McGregor tweeted the fight was back on vs. Nate Diaz at UFC 200 and then Dana White blows up the whole story to tell us that Conor is completely OUT of this mega-event.  Now Nate Diaz says he won’t fight if Conor’s not there, yet Dana is telling us he’s still searching for an opponent for Diaz.  More to come,but probably not much more…

Third,  Henry Cejudo was dominated, flat-out overwhelmed by Might Mouse, Demetrious Johnson.  DJ just came out fully prepared to handle the Olympic wrestling gold medal-winning Cejudo.  Cejudo said he  was “humbled” in the defeat, but he’s facing a new reality after his first loss against the owner of the flyweight division.  And that ownership doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Lastly, Paddy Holohan announced his retirement.  Big one here and it’s so unfortunate, as “The Hooligan” declared he has a rare blood disorder that will keep him out of the Octagon forever.  Well, maybe not forever, as he hopes to continue his work within the fight game outside of the Octagon.  I’m sure he’ll be partying with the proud Irish in the crowd whenever a fellow countryman gets set to fight.

There’s so much more to write about, but like Bones Jones, I’m shaking off my own rust getting back into the blogging game.  Hoping this week finishes as strong as it started.

-respect to MMAFighting.com for the many opinions and videos in review this week – great stuff

-all images are search engine-sourced unless individual credit mentioned




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