Pastor Maldonado vs. the Media

For anybody watching F1 backmarkers these days, there is nothing more exciting than seeing Pastor “Crash-tor” Maldonado about to overtake into a slow-speed corner.  The visual is accompanied by something sounding like

“Screech, boom, crash” and then…the sad whine of the power unit shutting down.

In subsequent interview, Maldonado then says that F1 is all about “how big your balls are” and stuff like this to indicate that his “attachments” are the biggest in the paddock.  Well, the only thing that may be bigger than his “guts” is his wallet, and all the money stuffed inside that he continues to bring to the Lotus F1 team.

Do you have to be talented to make it into Formula One?  Of course you do, but anybody who knows the sport is aware that it also takes LOTS of $$$ to stay in the sport, regardless of talent.  In today’s F1, pay drivers are so much more enticing to the available teams that are not Ferrari or Mercedes.  But now Pastor is saying, according to the latest article, that he feels “undervalued in F1” and believes he should have a long career.

There are many, many drivers who are talented enough to develop into F1-worthy racers, but a fraction of a fraction of those will have the money that Pastor Maldonado does.  So instead of talking about how much he deserves to be in F1, he should show it by demonstrating the skills necessary to not only drive fast, but drive fast on the same track as the other drivers and not actually crash into them.





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