Sebastian Strikes In Sepang – F1 Malaysian Grand Prix 2015 Race Report

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A thunderstorm may have disrupted Saturday’s qualifying session but come Sunday, it was Sebastian that struck, and the Ferrari that rained on Mercedes’ parade.

The top 3 grid positions after Saturday’s qualifying mirrored last year’s, with Lewis Hamilton on pole, Sebastian Vettel P2, and Nico Rosberg P3. With Vettel now driving for Ferrari, the only difference being the German’s overalls.

2014 cropTop: Sepang qualifying 2014 (photo courtesy of Bottom: Sepang qualifying 2015 (photo courtesy of

2015 crop

When it comes to starting from pole position, Hamilton has a proven track record with 7 wins from 7 poles last season, and 1 win from 1 pole this season. With this 100% win conversion rate, the Brit looked set to make it 9 wins from 9 poles as the lights went out in Malaysia.

The two silver arrows got off the line well with Rosberg challenging Vettel for 2nd after an average start…

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