Am I Missing Something? Jorda is Saying Women Can’t Win in F1?

jorda Lotus

I was just floored to read Carmen Jorda’s comments this morning to about women’s inability to win in F1.  What?  Jorda is the daughter of a former race car driver and she’s going to come out and say this?  And to CNN?  I don’t get why she would say, in a previous interview, that being chosen by Lotus as a Test Driver would be good for her career if she wants that career to hinge on a female F1 championship that doesn’t exist.  It is possible her goal to reach F1 is limited to only “taking part” in an F1 weekend, while not actually driving in the Grand Prix (see NBC Motorsports Talk article).


So yes, I can see that F1 has not had a female champion, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen.  And since when does absolute physical strength have anything to do with being a complete athlete?  After all, Jenson Button isn’t going to compete in a Mr. Olympia competition (although Alonso’s guns were on full display last month during his recuperation…).


My hope is that Jorda will come to her senses and not compare F1 to tennis or soccer that each have a separate men’s and women’s championship.   There’s no need for superhuman strength in F1, in my humble opinion, as the driver’s skill and overall fitness trump any need to dead lift an oak tree.

I also hope that any women currently coming up through the motorsport ranks are not discouraged by Jorda’s position on women in racing.  I believe women should not be limited to racing in “an undercard” to a Grand Prix or any other racing, but rather, have the opportunity to win outright.

But that’s just me…


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