Have a Field Day with This One from McLaren (F1)

Fernando Alonso

ESPN giving us a great headline with Jenson Button’s latest comments about the new MP4-30.  Are you ready for this…

New McLaren MP4-30 Unlike Any McLaren Jenson Button Has Ever Driven

Courtesy of ESPN F1 at http://es.pn/1Bu9TJW

That’s just too juicy, given the still-lingering rumors that Fernando Alonso was electrocuted (man that’s hard to even believe) by his 2015 challenger.  What a PR mess this continues to be for McLaren F1 as they get set to have Kevin Magnussen replace the “non-injured” Alonso (according to Ron Dennis).

This will be very interesting to see if McLaren and Honda have solved the faulty seal that plagued their kinetic energy system and the true possibility that anybody touching the car could be seriously hurt.  Has McLaren given more insight into the problems that Alonso had with the car during his Barcelona crash during pre-season testing?  No.  Therefore, stay tuned as the season is set to get underway with Friday practice from down under.

Picture courtesy of Bing.com Images – F1 Preview NBC Motorsports



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