Charlie Whiting on Alonso

crashed Honda

Good ol’ Charlie Whiting is still not able to say much to the press as we await more information on what in the world happened to Fernando Alonso during the 2nd pre-season F1 test in Barcelona.

We are still talking to McLaren about anything mechanical. Our medical department is talking to people who treated him in hospital and that is really all I can say on that.

What the …?  It’s amazing that there is still the lingering belief that Fernando Alonso may have ACTUALLY BEEN ELECTROCUTED by his McLaren Honda MP4-30.  Nobody has been able to conclusively provide proof that Alonso was not shocked by the car and through the team at in their latest podcast, we hear that the electrical safety switch or something within that system that has a shutoff was tripped and that there was “an event” in that system.

OK, so what do we make of this?  Forget asking Ron Dennis about that one.  Mumbo jumbo ensues and after going in circles, we end up back where we started.

To the FIA: Please provide details NOW!  Are any of the teams at risk in Melbourne, or only those teams (McLaren) that are running a Honda power unit?


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