Alonso Isn’t Driving, and Everyone’s Talking…

Fernando is the talk of the Formula 1 paddock and fans right now and the guy really hasn’t done much to stop it. And we read on in this drama-filled off-season as he sits in hospital gowns and gives thumbs-ups to cameras doing everything except sitting in his 2015 McLaren-Honda?  But who can resist when there’s the concussion, McLaren saying he’s completely fine, and his possibly being shocked by his own Honda engine?

But I was glad to see the conversation taken in a new direction by  @Negativecamber_ at the Formula1Blog site.  His short blurb shined on Fernando Alonso with quotes from Gerhard Berger, former F1 driver who was fast enough in his days at Ferrari and McLaren to see in Alonso a “big champion” who will win more championships.  But for all the talk of Alonso being “arguably the best driver on the grid,” I’m not so sure that there really is an argument there. Would Hamilton or Rosberg have been able to do what Alonso did in the Ferraris of the past few seasons?

I argue not.  And finally, I’m casting my vote for Alonso being the best and unluckiest driver in a shockingly fast, unreliable, under-developed, very expensive car in F1 for 2015.  Poor guy.  And he’ll probably make the podium (although not in Melbourne next week).  Let’s just hope we don’t see any more of this:

Day 2 of the 2nd Barcelona test
Aftermath of Alonso’s crash in 2nd Test at Barcelona



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