McLaren “Shocking” News – No ERS Issue with Alonso Crash

McLaren and Ron Dennis do things in an odd fashion when it comes to statements and news from the team.  Interesting that although the latest word coming today from McLaren that Alonso is fine and recovering “from the effects of the sedation” he received while being taken to the hospital, the fact remains that we are told he had to be sedated in the first place “as is normal.”  Was his shunt that big?  Was he, in fact, shocked somehow by the ERS system sending kinetic energy through the car?  And how friggin’ crazy is that question to even ask?

According to McLaren’s statement, he was not electrocuted in his car.  Ron Dennis uses a lot of words to say what he’s gotta say, but I’m not so sure that everything related to that accident on Barcelona Day 4 testing was “as normal” when it comes to high winds blowing at that part of the track and the ensuing accident.

Nevertheless, as an Alonso fan, I’m hoping the guy has a full recovery and gets back in the car in due time.  i just can’t wait to read about this when Alonso recounts this someday when he’s not in the PC mode he’ll have to be in during his tenure at McLaren.


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