F1 Friday in the US is Here

ikewire.wordpress.com for F1 USGP at Circuit of the Americas

fightdrivewin.wordpress.com for F1 USGP at Circuit of the Americas

This will be short, as I’ve worked hard all week and been busy getting all my weekend stuff done during the week so that nothing gets in the way of enjoying the best weekend of the year for me as an F1 fan and friend. Love this sport, lifestyle, and all the international fans that come to our city to show love back to us here in Texas.

Already seeing Twitter lighting up from Will Buxton, Fake Charlie Whiting, and so many of the guys that I’m so completely jealous of that get to enjoy the pure and true essence of following F1 and EVERYTHING that has to do with F1. And now they’re doing it in Texas, Austin, my city and its so cool to see that they’re partying with “my people” as they live and love the sport.

Hey F1, if you can’t tell, Austin, Texas, and the U.S. loves you. We hope you love us back and that everyone here, Teams, Drivers, Track Workers and Marshals, and most importantly, all you wonderful Fans, have a safe and incredible weekend here in “my city!”

This little guy wants to say “Hi” and he’s already sneaking into Circuit of the Americas through the gate and scoping out the best spots to watch the race on Sunday. Hope you enjoy your view, too!

Want a great seat at COTA, just stick with me.
F1 Frog at Circuit of the Americas
He got noticed, but not caught because he was determined to get a great view of all the racing.




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