What the h%@! is a Spa-Francorchamps?! Looking forward to Friday…

Friday First Practice will soon be here, and I’m thinking of the story lines for the upcoming F1 weekend.  The first one that came to my crazy mind was…what would people who never watch F1 think when they hear “Spa Francorchamps?”

What the h3$! is a Spa Francorchamps?

Great shot of vintage race
From the Ardennes with Love – Google Images

What is Spa Francorchamps?  Easily said, it’s near the top of the list, more than likely, of most F1 fans’ choices for best grand prix circuit in the world.  No boring history lesson here, just my thoughts on this amazing circuit.  Of course, USGPAustin’s favorite track is my home track, the Circuit of the Americas in all of its Texas Hill Country splendor.

Take a look at the top of Eau Rouge, the (used to be the scary for F1 drivers) amazingly fast downhill-compression and climb-up that sealed the deal for me to become an F1 fan when I first started watching racing.  It looks like COTA’s Turn 1 climb looking back toward T1 exit, from certain angles.  Again, just my opinion…

OK...just somewhat like COTA T1?
OK…just somewhat like COTA T1?
Top of the Hill
Turn One at COTA – Google Images

Yeah, maybe I’m just reaching, but it’s only because I can’t wait to post this week about the Williams Martini team feeling feisty, Hamilton catching Rosberg, and if Ricciardo is just going to keep on smiling (and earning more respect each race). I’m making predictions Thursday night, and better then, because I have no clue right now what’s going to shake down.

Oh, and Kimi…he NEEDS rain, rain, and more rain to move up this weekend. The guy needs a break – can the F1 gods just open the clouds up for him??? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. And just to see what Kimi can do in the rain at Spa, have fun til the next post by watching this…


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