IndyCar Coming to Circuit of the Americas?

JPM Showing Speed
Juan Pablo Montoya having a great 2014 in IndyCar

The USGPAustin site is all about racing, especially open-wheel racing.  It doesn’t have to only be about F1, although it’s my favorite form.  I’ve enjoyed many racing venues here in the U.S., and long to head to Europe to experience many more.  That being said, I started to think about my favorite places to see racing, other than my home circuit, and who I’d want to see race (I humbly request your vote on two quick polls below).

Then it came to me…IndyCar at the Circuit of the Americas.  I would truly be ready to head over to COTA to experience the V-6 turbo sound that is coming from IndyCar right now, as F1’s version of this (in a much higher-tech skin) will be here soon enough.

So this short post is to get your vote on your favorite current IndyCar driver, as well as your thoughts on the likelihood of IndyCar coming to Circuit of the Americas.

Thanks for reading (and for voting)!

You can also vote at to cast an official vote and register to win promotional items.


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