A Ferrari That Made Me Think (and Thank)

This masterpiece made me thankful for Ferrari
This masterpiece made me thankful for Ferrari and its history

I was reading email and checking CNN news and saw a quick story about the World’s Most Valuable Car being sold and saw the gorgeous, wonderfully familiar Ferrari-red hue.  At first, I wasn’t surprised, but then it made me think…

“It’s always a Ferrari!”

Ferrari is always right there when there is a discussion on iconic cars, fast cars, beautiful cars, and RACE cars.  As a lover of all things automobile (well, most things, as the Ford Pinto is not a vehicle I love to look at), I reflected on a ‘history of Ferrari’ picture book I flipped through a few years back and realized the Ferrari story is just amazing.  From how the prancing horse came to be to the passionate Tifosi that live (and die) for the Scuderia, it’s all just so legendary.

Ferrari and the Tower WEC 5 Hours Enduro Massa at COTA

At Our Home Track in Austin

I wanted to just soak in the sound of the Ferrari at the Circuit of the Americas when they came in 2012 and Fernando Alonso made the podium – and I was truly thankful for what Ferrari brings to the automotive and racing worlds.  Their passion is baked into everything they do and I just had to appreciate how HARD they try in everything they do.

And seeing that Ferrari-red 1962 GTO on CNN.com today made me sit and think for a minute, reflecting on the company’s place in history.  Then I couldn’t help but look forward to seeing the F1 and Ferrari Challenge racing at COTA over the next few months happening in Austin, Texas.

Hope y’all are enjoying your Friday and hoping there’s a little bit of Tifosi in you too.  See you in Austin, Scuderia Ferrari!


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