More Fight in the Williams Martini Dog at Spa

Who’s Going to Get More Fight out of the FW36 (at Spa)?

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Both Williams Set to Run Fast at Spa-Francorchamps

This is what I’m wondering while sitting in the Texas heat reading about the aspirations of Williams Martini Racing for the upcoming Belgian Grand Prix.  Williams looks hungry, VERY hungry 
for P1 at Spa.

Rob Smedley, who has stuck loyally by Felipe Massa’s side from Ferrari to Williams, is believing that his car is very strong in areas that it needs to be to win in Spa Francorchamps.  Smedley believes that the track layout in Belgium,

“will suit our car very well, I would have thought. That’s mainly because the power sensitivity at those tracks is very high, so every 1bhp you have is worth more than at other tracks, and the drag sensitivity, especially at Spa, is very high.”

Is it going to be all-out Massa one-lap pace in Qualy, and then  Valtteri Bottas finishing ahead in the race?  I’m feeling this could be true, and most likely will be.  But I love watching Massa do well, especially given the fact that since his injury from the Jenson Button suspension piece hitting him years back, he’s been hard-pressed to get back to winning ways in F1.

If you don’t think the Williams’ drivers are confident enough, click to see Bottas’s comments on his belief that he will defeat Fernando Alonso for third in this year’s Driver’s championship.  That’s a TON of confidence coming from a driver that has always chosen his words well.

The Williams team, utilizing the powerful Mercedes powerplant in the FW36 car, has the potential to make a great points haul at Spa and overtake Ferrari in 3rd place in the Constructors’ championship.  Whatever happens in the Belgian Grand Prix, it appears that Williams is going to be getting headlines while attempting to challenge Mercedes for the win.

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Who’s Going to Be on the Podium in the Belgian GP?


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  1. I would love to see either driver take P1 but it all depends on whether they can also get the race tactics correct and pit at the appropriate times alongside battling Mercedes and RB. Still, fingers crossed. Great post, pal.


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