Happy Birthday Fernando!

You’ve come a long way, from watching you start with Minardi to challenging and defeating Michael Schumacher at what may be argued the peak of Schumi’s career.  And now, being the top dog now in Michael’s former team.


Driving with passion Sunday in, Sunday out is Alonso’s identity.  How can Ferrari and the Tifosi, who have not had the greatest season to celebrate leading up to their home GP, not absolutely love Alonso?

Luckily, Ferrari does love him and are very keen to show it.  The Scuderia could truly not have a better driver right now, who has gone from an understeering, tire-degrading charger to a supremely-masterful strategist who gets his car to the front of the grid so consistently.

As this is written, I’m feeling I could turn this into a much longer post than I initially intended it to be. But it’s for the same reason that Fernando drives – Passion. He’s made me watch his driving with pure curiosity and to continue following Formula 1 with the same intensity as I have in the past, even though I am finally admitting that the 2014 sporting regs with regard to power units and muted sounds have taken away the screaming engines that I will miss at this year’s USGP.

Happy birthday, although I’m a day late in posting this, to Fernando Alonso, who makes me proud to be a fan of this generation of F1.

Now go eat some cake!

Ready for cakeYes you can have some

¡Feliz Cumpleaños a ti!


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