Speed Saturday

Courtesy of F1 feed and SkySports

Hamilton’s Forgettable Day in Hungary

Lewis sure has had a lot of luck this season. The problem is most of it has been the bad kind. The kind that has got to have him truly wondering if he has any shot left at staying in the hunt for the World Championship.
Seeing him hang his head and hearing a tinge of defeat in his voice was hard to witness during qualy at the Hungaroring today. He is in dire need of a car that won’t fail him and a heck of a lot of the opposite kind of luck he’s been having during the ’14 campaign.

I’m betting with all of my fake F1 money that he’s going to take a ‘nothing-to-lose’ attitude in the race on Sunday. He’s going to need a performance that forces a David Hobbs “attachments” comment, or two!

Watch for him to be very aggressive and showcase his passing skills, dry or wet track. He’ll need to use every inch of asphalt available and then some to overtake on a track not known for encouraging a lot of passing.

See you in the morning – we’ll be on Austin ATX and COTA time to enjoy the race with you!


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